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The Shanty
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sticks and Stones

I feel it is only appropriate to write a blog in response to some of the nastiness I have received recently. I have somehow managed to piss several people off all at practically the same time. The odd thing is, is that I didn’t do anything to piss these people off…they simply got the urge to take their anger out on me. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I have had some bad luck with ex-boyfriends of mine recently. I got James to the point of wishing I were dead. Ben is whining about me leaving him alone even though all I’ve been trying to do is swap stuff. And then there’s Jimmy. His wife decided to have a field day on my blog and say some really awful things about me. His what?! Before you assume that I was dating a married man, they were happily separated. I quickly learned that separated doesn’t mean shit though and although he swore up and down and sideways that he would never in his life get back together with her, I was right and that’s just what he has done. Not that it matters either way to me I just find it funny that I knew it would happen. Either way, I was done with him long ago and only slightly conversed with him when he’d contact me. I politely turned down any get-togethers he suggested though and just wanted it to be fully done with. Well that time has finally come. He has stopped all contact with me and that is quite alright with me.

Anyway, for some reason unbeknownst to me, some rage fired up in his wife and she lashed out at me. Interesting because what she doesn’t know about me, besides EVERYTHING, is that you cannot offend or get a rise out of me. I’m not saying it’s not possible but I guarantee you a stranger is not going to be the one to finally break me. I find it amusing when people try so hard to upset me. I emailed Jimmy letting him know that he might want to control his wife because I will only be nice for so long. I’m sure this caused him to contact her wondering WTF is going on and shortly after I received an apology email from her. Fine. Whatever. She’s the one who has to live with her childish behavior not me. The email was nice but it doesn’t take away what was said to me. I will continue to be the bigger person and just leave it alone. I will do the same with James and Ben as well. Why do I stay so calm? Or better yet HOW do I stay so calm?

Here’s the deal. How many times do people regret flying off the handle and not thinking before they speak? This happens all the time. I will not be that person. If I say something to you it will be direct and very deliberate. I will not do it behind your back or as an anonymous figure. You will know it’s from me. Does that mean I can’t be mean? Nope. Of course I can but if I am, I’m aware of my behavior. I guess we all have our moments of weakness but in mine, my words will be thought out and hurtful in a non-immature way. It’s just something I have learned how to control. I don’t need to make a fool out of myself to be heard. In the past week I have been called many names: two-faced, high schooler, self righteous, whore, just to name a few. You would think people could be more creative than that. Oh well, maybe next time.

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