The Shanty

The Shanty
where I grew up

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ahhh, to be in love :)


Through the tunnel,
Back up and over,
You crawled into my heart.
Uncertain it began, unwilling I felt.
Happy all alone.
A gentleman from the start,
Respected boundaries among.

Then it happened.

I saw you for the man that you are.
A father, a hard worker, a responsible
Dedicated, strong man you became
In my new color blind eyes.
It was then I knew that I wanted you for mine.
You amaze and inspire me every day.
We wildly mesh and bring out our best.
Our timing right on, our pace gone perfect.
In your embrace is where I feel my safest.
To never lose you is my desire,
To never hurt you is my promise.
As much as I know that perfect doesn’t exist
For me and my imperfect self, you are
Unconditionally you and unconditionally me
We unconditionally accept and let each be.
I know the true you and
I enjoy every part.
I know my smile won’t fade and
Of this I’m deeply certain.

You are It for me.

Mi amor siempre,
Besos para ti, te amo muchos.

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