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The Shanty
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


How do you learn to not be so hard on yourself? This is the main thing I still struggle with. I expect myself to be perfect and when I fall short, which is a lot, I beat myself up and dwell on how I let it happen. Instead I need to accept it and move forward, focusing on the present. For some reason this is SO hard for me. It’s interesting because I basically know what I need to do but in the moment it’s near impossible for me to do those things. I have a hard time allowing myself to be human. I know that I don’t gain anything from this unless you want to count all the negative connotations…then we can create a list! I guess I’m looking for suggestions of ways to let things go “in the moment” so I’m not so angry with myself. Any ideas?

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  1. Dear Amy, I am sorry that you have such a problem. I think that your problem may be linked to your background. (I.E. your childhood to be more precise). I think that people like us that come from the trailer parks with divorced parrents and distant family member relationships tend to be hard on ourselves in hopes to strive to be better than our environment that had once surrounded us.
    I know for me it wasn't untill I bridged the gaps in those relationships and realized that life could have been worse, that I personaly began to let go! Now I learn from my mistakes (never to be repeated again),find the good in all, and know that it could be worse... but it's not! Life is too short, and beating yourselfe up about things that will pass is no way to live! I think that you should transfer some of that "passion" that you have into letting go to things that can not be changed and changing those that can be, I think you will would be just fine. P.S. This sounded better in my head! Take what you will! Hope this helps you find the answer in which you seek! Take care my friend.
    Love always, Mario Noriega