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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk the Talk

My friend Dawna is so smart!! She told me "Sometimes life gets in the way of relationships but life also goes so fast. It's important to let people know how you feel while you have the opportunity to do so," or something very similar to that. She told me this in response to a conversation we had last night about actions vs. words. Many people say that actions speak louder than words but I’m not convinced this is true. At the very least I believe a healthy balance of the two is optimal.

I agree that you can tell someone you love them all day long but if you do nothing to show them this, your words will get lost. I also believe that without your words, your actions will get lost as well. A good example would be the married couple who do things for each other all the time- earn a living, raise the kids, cook dinner, fix the car, etc… but get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to stop for a moment and verbalize their feelings to one another. This truth frightens me. I am one who likes to hear how people feel about me and often. I like to hear as well as feel the special treatment not just one or the other. I realize this can’t be done all the time but as Dawna pointed out to me, life does indeed happen fast, and sometimes people need to HEAR emotions instead of just shown them. Likewise, if you’re one who talks the talk a lot maybe it’s time you start walkin’ the walk a bit more.

It’s hard for some to express their feelings in words but I suggest you try. And then try harder. There is something so powerful in a person expressing their inner most feelings and vulnerabilities. Much more powerful than buying a gift or lending a hand. Open yourself up to those you care about…don’t be afraid! Don’t be forgetful! And don’t be full of excuses as to why you can’t stop for 30 seconds to tell someone what they mean to you.

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  1. Sooooooooooooo true. Don't expect someone to remember that you love them if you can't remember to tell them every once in a while. And don't expect someone to let you in and be vulnerable with you if you can't assure them why it's safe to do so! least for us 'words of affirmation' types :) Right there with ya, babe. Oh, and I love you!!!!!!!!