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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Power of Bikram

I actually shed a couple tears in Bikram yoga last night. I was struggling extra hard in class for some reason. I was having difficulties breathing and my heart rate was higher than normal. I was becoming increasingly frustrated as I really expected to do a great job. I even picked a spot in the front of the room to give myself more concentration. Turns out, I had to sit out on a lot of the poses. I wasn’t sure what was going on with me but I hated having to sit out and not perform as I would have liked. Finally the standing series was done and it was time to get into Savasana (dead body pose) for 2 minutes as an intermission from standing poses to the floor series starting with spine strengthening. It was during those two minutes that the instructor, Nicholle, talked about how often times what is going on in our lives is reflected in the yoga room. I really let those words sink in. I know she could tell how frustrated I was getting not being able to participate in some of the poses and I swear she was talking directly to ME. It’s what I needed to hear. I have been going through lots of disappointment lately and disrespect that I guess my body was catching up to my heart and head. She told “me” to release it all…to focus on my breathing and let the hardships melt away. I guess for a moment I felt sorry for myself and allowed a couple tears to push out. I’m such a sensitive person to all senses and sometimes I just get caught up in other people’s problems and expectations of me that I forget to focus on myself. Bikram yoga gives me that. I still felt run down for the remainder of the class but I didn’t leave the room. I stayed put and did the best I could. I guess the practice of yoga really does mimic life.

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  1. This is so awesome! Keep goin' babe; that sounds so therapeutic!