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Friday, June 18, 2010

And the Debate Continues

My friend Amy and I have had a long standing debate about the subject of love.

Saying “I’m in love with you” vs. “I love you”

We disagree about which is more meaningful. Let’s say you’re in a new relationship and the person says to you, “I’m in love with you”… now picture them saying “I love you”… which is more meaningful to you? Additionally, how do you respond? Is it appropriate to say “I love you too” after someone expresses they’re “in love” with you?

Before I reveal how Amy and I differ on this subject I would like to hear what you think…?? I think she’s crazy and she thinks I am…what do YOU think?


  1. If i were going to express my love and want it to make the biggest impact, I would totally go for the "I'm in Love with you", and try my hardest not to be insulted when I get back a stammer..."uh, I love you too?" ;0) Seriously, guys...tsk, tsk...

  2. To me, "I'm in love with you," is more common in the earlier stages of a relationship when a person wants to express how much he or she enjoys being with the one they are " in love with.". "I love you," on the other hand implies to me, that the relationship has progressed far enough that he or she exprsses a more complete love - or loves the person for everything he or she is.