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Monday, June 21, 2010

Military 101

I recently had a conversation about how the military service works, primarily reserves. I embarrassingly don’t know very much about our military even though my dad served in the National Guard for many years. I only recently found out that all branches of the military have a reserve program. I then became confused between National Guard and Army Reserves. I always thought National Guard was just a “fancy” way of saying Army Reserves. I thought they were interchangeable. This is not true as I’m sure you already know. Here is what I found out…

The five branches of our military and how they are supported:

Branch - Federally Managed - State Managed/Volunteered
Army - Army Reserves - Army National Guard
Air Force - Air Force Reserves - Air National Guard
Navy - Naval Reserves - Naval Militias
Marine Corps - Marine Corps Reserves - None
Coast Guard - Coast Guard Reserves - Coast Guard Auxiliary

The state managed support can be activated into the federal military service in times of need by the President of the United States or the Secretary of Defense. This would explain why my dad had to go to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War even though he was state managed. This would also explain why my friend Denise who serves in the Army Reserves is stationed in Afghanistan right now. And lastly, it would explain how my boyfriend who is in the Navy Reserves could be called upon to fight in our current war. I’m glad I asked how it works and I’m glad I looked into it more on my own so I know what the possibilities are.

I would like to close by saying how very proud and thankful I am for all who serve in any branch of the military at any managed level. I have a very high respect for your bravery and dedication. Thank you for making this the greatest country in the world.

Note: If you find information shared here as incorrect or incomplete please share.

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  1. I didn't know those details either. Thank you for sharing. And I, too, appreciate everyone who is brave enough to face the unknown. I may not believe in the war itself but I do believe in our soldiers!!